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Healing Herbal Bath Salt

Healing Herbal Bath Salt

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If you enjoy baths, we would like to be an addition to your bathing ritual. Even if you may not particularly enjoy baths, we suggest you start adding this to your monthly routine with the intention to heal the body and mind with water and therapeutic properties of salts. Himalayan salt baths have been around for thousands of years, for their marvelous benefits of easing stress, joint pain and muscle tension. Not to mention, this is a great way to detoxify your skin which is the largest organ of your body.

Aside from their physical properties, Himalayan salt baths have incredible healing benefits on your energetic/spiritual body, aiding your spiritual hygiene and wellness. If you are sensitive to energy or you do metaphysical work, we recommend you take frequent baths (at least once a month) to intentionally and consistently banish any negative energies you may have been exposed to.

We have created 6 different types, 2 of which are 250G and other 4 being 80ML. You may use them either for a full bath or a foot soak, mixing them with your other favorite bathing tools such as soap and bath bombs. Extra magical points when you pair these with Your Healing Matter's magic candles! (especially the Mama's Hug: the healing candle!)

250G Bags (up to 2-3 times):

  •  "Lemon"- Contains lemon, pink(Himalayan) salt, lemon essential oil, jojoba oil. Use this kit to purify and cleanse your body after a long day. You can even turn this kit into your own manifesting bath ritual (use your intentions while bathing)
  •  "Heal My Body"- Contains jasmine, chamomile, pink salt, jasmine essential oil, jojoba oil. Use this kit to enjoy a nice warm bath after a long, stressful day. Did you know Jasmine also works as a great natural anti-depressant?

80ML Jars (one time use):

  • "Self Love" - Contains Rose, pink salt, rose essential oil, jojoba oil. Use this bath kit on a day dedicated to celebrating, honoring and loving yourself. 
  • "Beauty" - Contains Flower mix, pink salt, rose essential oil, jojoba oil. Use this bath kit on a regular day/night to enhance your mood and to enchant your beauty!
  • "Cleanse" - Contains lavender, Black salt, Pink salt, essential oil, jojoba oil. 
    Lavender reduces inflammation, improves your sleep, alleviates headaches, helps with calming your anxiety, helps reduce skin blemishes such as acne and eczema. Combined with black salt and pink salt, this is a perfect bath kit for soothing your body and soul to cleanse off dirt. (literally and figuratively)  
  • "Sleeping Beauty"- Contains Jasmine, calendula, pink salt, jasmine essential oil, jojoba oil. A bath kit perfect for a good night sleep — designed for a relaxing bath to increase your sleep quality while helping with reducing inflammation of your body.

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Customer Reviews

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Literally the best salts to relax & unwind with! Also really good for cleansing & releasing stagnant energy! Highly recommend!

Cleansing bath salt.

As soon as i stepped into the tub i knew i was in for a treat. I could literally feel the negativity melt right off me, i was gifted the Self love bath salt that im extremely excited to try during the weekend ! I felt grounded & happy in my own skin afterwards. Thank you so much this women is so creative & extremely gifted.

Sleeping Beauty Bath salts

I was in need of a little self care /some good R&R…. I indulged myself in one of the most relaxing bath that I’ve had in quite sometime! The Sleeping Beauty bath salts did just that along with the magic infused candle Mamas Hug
(the purple one) The bath salts were very gentle on the skin and guess what absolutely no filmy residue!!! I absolutely love this product highly recommend.