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Your Healing Matters


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Our brand, Your Healing Matters' very own creation: Special themed candles designed and individually blessed by our Founder, Viki. They are made with soy and beeswax, so the flame burns beautifully and slowly while maintaining its brightness. Snag them now for your home or office space to alchemize the energy. You get to keep the crystals after burning the candle!

*candle size is 10oz.

1. Black candle - "PROTECTION" 

- This candle contains obsidian, red jasper and tourmaline, promising powerful emission of shielding power, promoting protection against spiritual psychic attacks as well as EMF. 

2.  Yellow candle - "VIBE BOOSTER"

- Containing citrine and bloodstone, this candle can accompany your space as a great mood booster as it promotes energy, self-love, personal will power, joy and happiness. It is also great for drawing off negative energy so you can remain optimistic and focused on your path of self-love and authenticity.

3. Purple candle - "MAMA'S HUG"

- This was designed primarily to create healing, calming energy. Imagine a mama's warm hug under a moonlight. With the properties of raw moonstone and aventurine, this candle promotes resilience, calmness, and strength where it reminds you to nourish your thoughts and feelings especially when overwhelmed. It can help soothe anxiety.