About Us



Your Healing Matters was formed in support of your life full of Love, Magic, and Healing. Our Founder, Viki Han, is a practicing Shaman and Spiritual Advisor based in NYC, who has been serving unique clients from all walks of life worldwide, providing high quality divination since 2014. She is also a content creator on various social media platforms where she shares her knowledge and wisdom with wit and assertiveness. With her heart and soul devoted to providing service and light for others, she saw value in creating a space to display products that could become enriching additions for your home space, which should be your sanctuary.

The Egyptian theme of the site is to honor the Pantheon our Founder represents in her vocation. Our logo, the Eye of Horus over the Moon, exemplifies "the Ultimate Healing." As told by Egyptian myth, the Eye of Horus represents protection, healing, and restoration. And the moon - Goddess Auset - she is the Mother Goddess of Magic and Healing.

Here, we proudly showcase our very own, specially customized "Your Healing Matters" products.