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Your Healing Matters

Workbook for self-discovery by Your Healing Matters

Workbook for self-discovery by Your Healing Matters

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This workbook was written by the founder of Your Healing Matters, who is a practicing shaman and spiritual life coach, with the intention to help you break free from your self-inflicted limitations. In her almost-decade of professional experience in providing guidance and coaching for many different walks of life, she has gathered that most people simply need proper tools that will guide them to find their truth within. 

Regardless of your age, gender, or status in life, if you feel unsure of your relationship with yourself or/and struggle with self-love and self-awareness, this workbook will be a great starting point. It contains 32 pages of exercises and questions that are designed to help you connect to your innermost thoughts while challenging your current beliefs. 

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Customer Reviews

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Give Yourself Direction

I want to say that this book was amazing. I'm not one to usually invest in workbooks to better myself, but I felt drawn to Viki's content right away, and this gave me the opportunity to start my journey at my own pace.I felt stuck in my routines and the people I was surrounded by. My path was not clear and I needed guidance. If you are looking for help and guidance this is the book for you. For me it created a path that wasn't clear before. It made the issues in my life not absorb me as whole. This book let me feel what I deserve to feel and desire.

Lamarana Diallo
If You Are Feeling Lost Get This Workbook Now

I decided to purchase this book on a whim because I wanted to go into 2023 with a different energy/mindset. After dealing with the loss of my dad, I also lost a sense of self and purpose. I wanted to go into 2023 more intentional and to focus on building the life that I want . This workbook was a pleasant surprise that helped me put a mirror up to myself to see the self inflicted limitations and harm I was causing. Through the tough questions in the workbook, I learned I need to be kinder to myself and now have a more clear picture of what I want in life and have put plans/actions towards my goals. I highly recommend this workbook for anyone who is feeling lost wants to set time to reflect + take action to change their lives.

Sabrina Zelinger
The workbook really deserves the title workbook

After already working with Viki in private coaching, I do have to admit that I underestimated the intensity of the workbook. You are getting way more out of this than you might think at first. Some of the questions really were difficult for me to answer and have taken way longer than i ever thought. But these answers are not set in stone and maybe in a year from now my answers will be different. And some parts of it may be easier for me to answer again in the future.

My favorite exercise was designing the ideal and current self. It made me realize how much work i had put into myself in the last year and feeling proud and happy for my current version. And very interesting to see how my goals already changed or are way more detailed.

I feel like its a good thing to revisit the workbook from time to time to see how things changed for myself which really puts a lot more value and worth in it. Its not a one time thing. Its a work with me over and over again.

Today i finally finished it and i am actually proud of myself and i cant wait to order myself a fresh version in a year to do it all over again (virgo things).
You can really feel the love and passion that have been put in creating this book and it reminded me of the coaching sessions i had. Its really an awesome tool to help yourself and get to know yourself.

Clarence Lam
Affordable quickstart to a better version of you

This workbook was a great jump start to the healing journey and the self-discovery process. It was a great help in guiding me through the steps of introspection and redefining what matters to me. It's a great reminder to work at my own pace and to come back and re-assess my own answers. It's a great guide that can be repeated multiple times when feeling lost. Highly recommend this workbook as an affordable self-start for the healing journey.

Monica Elizabeth

This workbook is nothing short of amazing ! When starting the exercises I felt vulnerable..but as I continued on with the workbook I became more comfortable with this vulnerability on such a deep /intimate level that at times I became very emotional and surprised with my own answers causing me to take a break from the workbook to re group (wipe the tears) / and gain more understanding of my thoughts & feelings that’s when the why’s how’s popped in inspiring me to go deeper within. (I found that it was not an easy thing to do even sitting with just myself) The exercises brought thoughts/feelings that I consciously ignored /or was unaware to the surface… (which caused for more pausing on the workbook ) I wanted to acknowledge those thoughts and feelings at that moment because I felt that I had a great relationship with myself before starting the workbook ….but did I really if I couldn’t be honest with myself? So I worked through it …The closer I got to the final exercise I began to see a glimpse of my own divinity once again queuing the tears … (It was a beautiful moment) to have connected with my own authentic self (higher self).
I highly recommend this workbook to anyone who is serious about their healing journey ✨