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Your Healing Matters

Workbook for self-discovery by Your Healing Matters

Workbook for self-discovery by Your Healing Matters

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This workbook was written by the founder of Your Healing Matters, who is a practicing shaman and spiritual life coach, with the intention to help you break free from your self-inflicted limitations. In her almost-decade of professional experience in providing guidance and coaching for many different walks of life, she has gathered that most people simply need proper tools that will guide them to find their truth within. 

Regardless of your age, gender, or status in life, if you feel unsure of your relationship with yourself or/and struggle with self-love and self-awareness, this workbook will be a great starting point. It contains 32 pages of exercises and questions that are designed to help you connect to your innermost thoughts while challenging your current beliefs. 

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Customer Reviews

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Jessica Belmonte
The TOOL that gives direction to the path of alignment.

This workbook consists of simple, straightforward questions, but answering them will definitely take time for those who have never asked themselves these questions before. I initially avoided this workbook for several months and I wish I hadn't. It allowed me to see and understand myself from a different perspective and had me answer things that I really needed to answer to see any progress on my path to healing and bettering myself. I would have made personal advances so much sooner. This is a tool I had at hand and didn't even utilize it. Don't waste time like I did.

If you haven't taken workshops or attended any sessions with Ms. Han and are on the fence, definitely buy the workbook. It will provide a preview to her style and method of coaching. I also recommend it for those considering coaching sessions. Complete it prior if you can to get the most out of your session. Similar questions may come up and you will have your answers ready to go allowing more time for further in-depth discussions.

I would have liked more space to write in the journal, but perhaps that was intentional as I tend to ramble and overthink. I ended up writing the questions in a journal and writing my answers there. A workbook, more compact in size would also lend itself to be more easily carried. These are the only things I would ask for them to be taken into consideration in future versions.

Because of this workbook, I hope Ms. Han makes a version for Teens. Had I had this as a guide for myself at a young age, I think, I would have come out so much stronger and had a real direction with how I wanted to live my life rather than following others.

Also, Ms. Han if you can. I would absolutely love a daily journal prompt - style workbook/journal in a cute smaller/ pocket size to carry every where with me!

Shiloh (Roxykist)
Empowering and Helps find Direction

I go back to this workbook multiple times because it gives me comfort, clarity, and direction for the next steps I can take that will empower me. It has helped me through a time of loneliness and through the confusion of my first friendship as an adult. When I first bought this workbook, I was disconnected from myself and then the prompts allow me to practice trusting myself and discovering what I actually want for myself. I would recommend it to my friends who are ready to face new possibility for themself!

A great start for reflection and being authentic with yourself!

I'd like to say this book really makes you reflect on what does not work for you and dive into what you actually want. It brings out your authenticity as an individual. Its a space to express your feelings and thoughts. The questions made me feel great and good about myself. I was able to analyze myself at a level that I did not do prior to this book. Go at your own pace and give yourself that time to truly answer each question with sincerity because you owe yourself that authentic space! Also, its a great book to review later down the road (which I will do in the future) because there is always continuous growth.

Zoe Marin
Reflecting on self

I remember when I first got this I wanted more of a sense of direction. This workbook showed me I didn’t really understand myself at all, there was a few questions it asked about me and I just remember thinking, I have no idea how to answer this and stared at it just thinking. This workbook took me longer than I thought due to the lack of me really understanding who I am. It helped me dig deeper on who I really am and who I want to be. I suggest writing this in pencil but I do recommend this book. I feel like I’m actually really getting to know who I am as a person. This book gave me more clarity about who I am now and help me show what steps I have to do to be the person I want to become. I had to really sit and reflect my character and hold myself accountable for my own life. I really do recommend this book if you need help identifying yourself.

( also if this helps I recommend writing this all at once and reviewing it a few months later, things can change and I definitely find it interesting how much I see myself differently).

Give Yourself Direction

I want to say that this book was amazing. I'm not one to usually invest in workbooks to better myself, but I felt drawn to Viki's content right away, and this gave me the opportunity to start my journey at my own pace.I felt stuck in my routines and the people I was surrounded by. My path was not clear and I needed guidance. If you are looking for help and guidance this is the book for you. For me it created a path that wasn't clear before. It made the issues in my life not absorb me as whole. This book let me feel what I deserve to feel and desire.